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1 March 2008

This feels a little like blog incest, but here goes… My friend — let’s just call her Squishy — posted some pictures to her website artpet .

One of them really captured my imagination; it sums up my recent experience of sleep so well, I had to post it here.

The picture, by photographer Sarah Hobbs , is of a rumple-sheeted bed. Above it are a thousand sticky notes.

This is my sleeping life.

Nothing short of total bodily exhaustion can guarantee a satisfying night’s sleep for me these days. Within seconds of barely awakening — or when I’m trying my hardest to get to sleep — the thoughts creep in. Tens of hundreds of thousands of them, it seems.

Editors to pitch, stories to write, ways to tweak my resume. People to call, recipes to try, websites to check. I begin composing the sentences in my mind.

STOP ,” I try to command my brain. Why don’t you do this tomorrow? Rest now. Breathe. Pretend you are in Yoga class.

Rarely does this work.

Clearly I am not alone. Thank you artpet. Thanks Sarah. Why is it so comforting to see your irksome emotional experiences so neatly wrapped up in a single frame?


I just came across your blog, which I have enjoyed reading. This is my photograph, but NOT MY WEBSITE . Unfortunately, that address was ironically taken by another photographer with the same name. Please, please please change the link to solomonprojects.com, I beg you.

Sarah Hobbs Mar 31, 09:22 PM

Sorry for the delay.

Jacqui Feb 24, 02:55 AM

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