Jacqui Gal



“As an editor, Jacqui demonstrated creative talent and a good eye for detail, working with journalists to commission articles and the production team to see news pages through from layout, to proofs and final copies.

“On a personal level, Jacqui’s joie de vivre is already missed in this office, as is her work ethic, commitment, dedication, ability to make deadlines and all-round versatility.”

— Dan Goldberg, national editor, The Australian Jewish News

“Time and again, in times of relative quiet as well as near chaos, Jacqui has shown a remarkable ability to offer her media contacts material that is desirable to them.

“Jacqui’s skills doubtless derive from her experience in journalism before coming to the consulate; she knows what makes a good story and she knows how to fashion one from raw materials.”

— Ambassador Arye Mekel, Consulate General of Israel in New York

“Ms Gal possesses great writing ability, which means her work has originality, color and style.

“Within months of her joining the company, a vacancy for the editorship of the 16-page Life section occurred. Ms Gal immediately put her hand up and, displaying enthusiasm and a professional approach, she has elevated it to a high-calibre and highly readable publication.

“Ms Gal has an even temperament, and it has been an inordinate pleasure to work with her. I commend her as an asset to any publishing company.”

— Vic Alhadeff, former editor, The Australian Jewish News